Toothbrush Protector: An Easier Way to Kill Odor-Causing Germs

Kill Germs With The Steripod Toothbrush ProtectorA toothbrush protector is an essential line of defense against harmful bacteria that attaches to your toothbrush.

Research shows that your toothbrush can become infected with germs from all over your bathroom. Even simply flushing your toilet can cause airborne bacteria to attach to your brush's bristles. Strep, E. coli, and even the flu could be infecting your brush when it's not in use. If you're not actively sanitizing your toothbrush and most people don't then those viruses and bacteria could be infecting you when you put that toothbrush in your mouth, day after day.

So, how do you kill those germs and help prevent new bacteria from latching onto your brush when it's not in use? Simple a toothbrush sanitizer.

Steripod is a unique toothbrush protector that clips on to your brush when it's not being used and kills odor-causing germs for up to three months. It's a fast, easy way to help keep your toothbrush clean and safe from the harmful stuff that lurks in most bathrooms.

How does the toothbrush protector work?

  1. Steripod uses a small, plastic enclosure that clips onto your brush.

  2. Inside, a special laboratory-formulated thymol compound releases vapors that surround the bristles, helping to kill off odor-causing germs.

  3. These antimicrobial vapors do all the work. There are no cables, batteries or other cleansers. You simply clip on the toothbrush protector and you're done.

How long does it last?
Lab tests show that Steripod Toothbrush Protector effectively kills odor-causing germs for up to three months. After three months, simply replace your Steripod with a new one to ensure that you're properly protecting your toothbrush on a regular basis. Steripod is available in a variety of fun colors, so everyone in the family can have their own, and you can choose a new color every time.

Can I use it on my electric toothbrush?
Absolutely! The toothbrush protector fits any standard or electric toothbrush. If you've already invested in an electric toothbrush, then you are probably serious about maintaining good oral hygiene and a bright, healthy smile. Don't let all that hard work go to waste. Make sure you maintain good brush hygiene, too, by using a toothbrush protector.

Is it okay to travel with it?
Yes, the toothbrush sanitizer is great for both home and travel. Steripod is small and lightweight, so it fits easily into carry-on pockets, shaving bags, makeup bags and other types of luggage. Take it wherever you take your toothbrush on trips, to the gym, your child's sleepover parties, and so on.

Effective Steripod ToothBrush Sanitizer ProductsWhere can I buy Steripod?
You can get your own toothbrush sanitizer direct from our online shop, or through many other retailers including Bonfit,, Bed Bath & Beyond, Duane Reade, and many others. We offer several different options to fit your needs choose from just one Steripod in your favorite color, or stock up on several with our convenient family packs. No matter which you choose, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your toothbrush is cleaner than ever.

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