What makes a toothbrush holder so special? Mother always said, "place for everything, and everything in its place". And even the great Martha Stewart has built an empire on the concept of organizing, sorting, and "container-izing" our possessions for greater efficiency and enjoyment.

This is why, chances are, that you have a brush keeper in your bathroom. What you probably don't know: your brush holder may be hazardous to your health.

Think about where your toothbrush holder is located. It may be a slotted rack attached to the wall over the sink. It may be a decorative ceramic or resin container with four oval openings on a shelf in your bathroom. It may simply be a plastic cup sitting beside the faucet. And it's probably right beside the toilet.

You know what goes into the toilet. You may not realize that what's in the bowl is also on your brush, unless your brush holder is protected with STERIPOD.


Your toothbrush holder will protect your toothbrush From odor-causing germsWhen you think about it, it's really kind of ironic. You use your toothbrush to clean your teeth and keep your mouth healthy. But actually your toothbrush or toothbrush container is probably the dirtiest place in your house "dirtier even than your bathroom bowl" unless you clip on a STERIPOD toothbrush holder each time you brush your teeth.

Why? Because you most likely sanitize, sterilize, even disinfect your toilet frequently. Ditto for your sink, surfaces, appliances, counter-tops. Our supermarkets, household stores, drug stores and convenience stores demonstrate the American obsession with hygiene, displaying row after row, aisle after aisle of hundreds of bathroom sanitizers, products to spray and scrub, soak, foam and dissolve, all in the name of killing germs.

We may use paper cups and paper towels to cut the spread of bacteria. If we want to save trees and reduce landfills, we may choose non-disposable options which we wash frequently in the hopes of keeping bugs at bay.

None of these products are designed to use on your toothbrush. And, if you're like most people, you don't even think about the need to protect your toothbrush against the everyday tidal wave of bacteria which is your bathroom.


The bacteria on your toothbrush and inside your brush holder, along with viruses, molds, fungi, and yeasts, not to mention potentially toxic industrial particulates and fumes from the very products you may use to clean your bowl come from various sources.


Yes, your mouth indeed, your entire body's a teeming ecosystem of bacteria. Bacteria love warm, wet, dark, sticky cavities, like your mouth and like your bathroom. Dental bacteria, which attack tooth enamel and gums, actually is a complex stew of as many as 400 varieties. When you brush, these creatures cling to your toothbrush and populate your toothbrush holder by the millions.

When you put your toothbrush into the holder, they may drip down the handle and form a pool , where breeding is even easier. And, they may spread across the holder to other brushes who share the holder.

This transfer works both ways, and the pathogens which travel from brush to brush are not only dental bacteria. For instance, if you share a toothbrush holder with a loved one who has a respiratory bug (cold, sniffles, flu), those bugs, such as the common Rhinovirus, may actually enter your body through your toothbrush.

SOME OF THEM COME FROM THE BATHROOM BOWL, so, they come from you, and whoever else uses your bathroom.

Our bodies, as you know, are filled with bacteria. Bacteria outnumber every other creature of earth. In fact, bacteria were the first creatures on our planet.

Human digestion relies upon bacteria in the gut, so these bugs are initially a good thing. They are known as "flora" (yes, it means "flower", a nice way of putting it), and these digestive flora are the source of E.coli, which end up in our toilets every day. With every flush, these E.coli go airborne.

If you've never had food-poisoning, you're lucky. E.coli is often the cause of violent tummy trouble (vomiting, diarrhea) when we eat food with high concentrations of this common digestive bacteria. E.coli via food poisoning may reach us through shellfish which live in waters polluted with untreated sewage, through rare or undercooked meats which have not been subjected to high enough temperatures to kill bacteria in the raw product, and through foods prepared by people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.

But here's the real appetite-killer: you can give yourself E.coli "poisoning", without ever leaving the house. No raw oysters or pricey steak-tartare necessary‚ think of it as the budget version.

Unless your toothbrush is protected by the physical barrier of the STERIPOD toothbrush holder, a colorful clip-on "helmet", the bacteria land on the exposed, damp bristles. And, unless the odor-causing germs already present on the bristles are neutralized by the natural antiseptic contained inside the bubble of the STERIPOD toothbrush holder, those bacteria will breed into the billions. Next time you brush, they'll be waiting, in greater numbers than ever.


An obvious answer would be to simply move your toothbrush holder. There's no law that says you have to keep your toothbrush or toothbrush holder in the bathroom, right?-- although of course it's logical and convenient to do so.

Suppose you moved your toothbrush to the kitchen, or the hallway. True, the concentration of E.coli will most likely be lower once you move out of the bathroom. But it's not enough. People sneeze and cough everywhere, and bring in a fresh supply of pathogens every time they come through the front door. So no matter where your toothbrush or toothbrush holder is stored, bugs will find it!

Use a STERIPOD Toothbrush Holder


Clip on a Steripod toothbrush holder STERIPOD toothbrush holders helps stop bacteria and other pathogens from infesting your toothbrush and the toothbrushes which share the bathroom with yours--- in two ways.

First, the colorful plastic bubble literally stands between the damp bristles and whatever is in the air, climbing the walls, and swarming across the tiles into your toothbrush holder.

Second, a non-toxic, botanical antimicrobial tablet inside the STERIPOD brush holder bubble kills odor-causing germs with a vapor shield, for approximately three months.

It's simple, modern, no cords, cables, batteries or plugs needed and it's the only way to put bacteria "on hold". Get the STERIPOD toothbrush holder for a cleaner mouth and greater all-around wellness.

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