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"I bought this in Bed, Bath & Beyond; in the beyond part I guess, I'm soooo happy having my toothbrush protected that I decided to look for it in Amazon and buy a dozen of these for my family to use it. It's an antibacterial plus for our teeth. :)" ES
"I love these! I have always thought how gross it was to have your toothbrush in the bathroom. After hearing about all the particles in the air after flushing, yuck! In a perfect world you would store your toothbrush in a drawer but this is real life and it does not happen. I can now just clip this on and the gross though is gone from my head. Thank you Steripods! I am going to put them in everybody's stockings at Christmas!!!!!" AJ
"I had lost the cover that came with my Oral-B Vitality electric toothbrush (which I also recommend). No other cover I have seen will work, until I found the Steripod. I use it for traveling, not so much for the sterilization quality. " Mom of 2
"This is a great product, we now have 4 of them in the bathroom - It looks good, is simple and easy and beats the pants off yet another product that requires batteries or a wall socket - great idea!" DC
"My toothbrush doesn't get any build up around the bristles since using these - it seemed like there was always a tiny bit of build up when using the UV sanitizers. Plus the UV sanitizers are a pain to clean and you have to constantly replace the batteries. These you just replace every two months - a cost much lower than the UV units and a continual need to replace their batteries. " KS
"I was looking for something to sterilize our toothbrushes, but something that was portable, too. These are great! I would definitely purchase these again. Very affordable. There's a bit of a smell when you first open the package, but it goes away after a day or so." LH

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