What are the active ingredients?


What is Thymol?

Thymol is a naturally occurring compound that is extracted from the oil of the thyme plant, the latter which is a member of the mint family.

Is it toxic?

Material is non-toxic as long as the label is followed (don't ingest the tablet)

Is the Steripod safe enough to use on my children's toothbrush who is 2 yrs. old?

Yes the Steripod is safe for children. Please use adult supervision. Steripod is not a toy.

The Steripod has a scent when I opened the package.

The scent that you notice from the Steripod device is from a material called thymol. Thymol is impregnated in the Steripod tablet. Thymol is the same material that is used in many mouthwash formulations as an antimicrobial component, and as such, also have the same or similar scent you may have noticed when you opened the package. Because thymol is safe for use in mouthwashes, it is also safe for use in your Steripod toothbrush protector and storage device.

Is it Gluten Free?

Yes Steripod is Gluten Free

Is it BPA Free?

Yes the Steripod has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory.

If purchasing for traveling do I still have to replace every 3 months even though I will only use a few times per year?

Yes you still need to replace every 90 days as the active ingredients weakens over time once opened.

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