The electric toothbrush, like so many modern appliances, is useful in mankind's quest for health. But when it comes to dental health, the enemy is as old as time: bacteria.

Bacteria are considered to be the oldest living organisms on earth. For instance, one group within the Kingdom Monera, called the Archaebacteria, are estimated to have emerged on our planet 3.5 billion (yes, billion with a B) years ago. In this sense, Earth truly is the planet of bacteria! Exhalations of these one-celled organisms created our atmosphere, and our planet's soil. Today, they live in our lower intestines, and make digestion possible. They can also make our lives miserable.

One surprising simple solution to this truly prehistoric challenge: STERIPOD, a clip-on toothbrush sanitizer which neutralizes bacteria, as well as viruses and other pathogens which thrive in bathrooms, and in the big, bad, bug-ridden world out there. The STERIPOD will work on electric brushes and regular toothbrushes alike.

Electric Toothbrush - clip on a Steripod and keep it clean

Reducing the bacterial "load" on your electric toothbrush reduces the number of bacteria you introduce into your mouth and body, and this can help lower your risk of stomach ailments, sore throat, cough, cold, sniffles, flu as well as neutralizing the bacteria which attack teeth and gums.


Protect Your electric toothbrush From bacteria Using SteripodBacteria of all kinds feel right at home in your bathroom and on your electric brush, notably E.coli (which commonly cause the symptoms of food-poisoning), Streptococcus pyogenes and Group A Streptococcus (the sources of most sore throats).

Other members of the Strep family - Streptococcus sanguis, Streptococcus mutans, along with Actinomyces vicosus‚ are often responsible for dental decay and gum disease.

Bacteria create a soft slime on your teeth called plaque. If you don't intercept the plaque with regular attention, the plaque hardens into rock-hard, mineral calculus. Yes, it's the same word as that killer math class you almost flunked‚ both are hard! This is because the Latin word, calculus, means "small stone", and the Romans used pebbles for counting (literally the first "calculator"). An electric toothbrush has nothing on calculus!

Bacteria don't work alone, and up to 400 distinct bacterial species may be found in dental plaque. It's a family affair that can eat away the enamel of your teeth, cause gum inflammation and shrinkage, and lead to decay, infection, tooth-loss, bone-loss, pain, and big dental bills.

Stopping bacterial action is the key, and sanitizing your electric toothbrush with STERIPOD is the newest breakthrough in taking charge of the DIY aspects of your dental health.


Bacteria builds chains, or "colonies", on your teeth, and on your electric brush. When left to reproduce without interruption, bacterial colonies flourish, and form complex cooperative structures and dense patterns. Some scientists compare these rapid and sophisticated mass-replications to the way huge bacterial mats first formed on the surfaces of ancient ponds and seas.

When we haven't brushed our teeth for a while‚ "hopefully just a few hours" we sometimes say that our teeth feel "furry". This is an accurate description. Growing bacterial colonies create raised layers, beaded textures and plume-like growths which we can detect with the tongue on the tooth-surface as they develop in size. When a bacterial colony reaches 1,000,000 members, which doesn't take long, the growing colony also becomes visible to the naked eye.

So, you've basically got a science-project going on in your mouth every day. They've got us unnumbered, to say the least, but the dual, bacteria-nixing powers of STERIPOD help to make your electric toothbrush a more effective defense in the battle of the bugs.

Our clinical knowledge of bacteria is quite new. Until antibiotics were introduced in the 1940s, common bacterial and viral infections could often be life-threatening. Poor hygiene by today's standards, including lack of public sanitation, contributed to the damage done by these ubiquitous bugs. Growing interest in disease prevention through the suppressing of microbes led to new research and improvements in dentistry and all areas of medicine, and in 1954, a Swiss doctor named Philippe-Guy Woog introduced the "Broxodent", the world's first electric toothbrush.


Woog originally created the electric brush for use by disabled people who had a limited range of motion and could not effectively clean their teeth with a manual brush. It may surprise you, but an electric brush (rotating/oscillating) is not necessarily more effective than a manual toothbrush in breaking up plaque. Dentists agree that it's the way the brush is used, and the frequency and duration of the brushing, as well as gently dislodging bacterial colonies between the teeth and at the gum-line with floss, water-jet or other device, which is most critical.


Clip on an electric toothbrush SteripodEach time you brush, you dislodge oral bacteria. That's the point of brushing. When you simply put your electric toothbrush back in its holder, the bacteria you've disturbed in your mouth begin to grow on your electric brush.

If other toothbrushes are stored nearby "toothbrushes belonging to your loved ones" the bacteria from their mouths can easily move to your electric brush, too. It's a family picnic among the single-cell organisms. It's not unlike an entire family sharing a single toothbrush (including Rover or Fluffy), which dentists and other medical practitioners do not recommend.

Then there are all of those other bacteria and viruses which swirl through the air of your bathroom, starting in the bowl and landing on the exposed bristles of your electric toothbrush with every flush.

STERIPOD shields every electric brush and manual toothbrush from the waves of rapidly-breeding pathogens with a bright bubble of protection. It clips on, no cords, no cables, no plugs, no batteries, making it perfect for the toothbrush on-the-go. And, the mint-like tablet of Thymol contained inside every STERIPOD wraps the bristles in a naturally antiseptic vapor, killing odor-causing germs on the electric brush for up to three months.

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