your bathroom can be a hotbed for all kinds of airborne germs! that's where the pods come in!


steripod toothbrush is a clip-on protector that fits any standard or electric toothbrush and keeps your toothbrush smelling fresh and clean for up to 3 months using patented "active vapors" - No cables or batteries required! Great for home, gym, school or travel, steripod clips-on your brush and protects! - without the hassle of batteries or cables!


razorpod by steripod is a clip-on protector that fits most disposable or catridge razors. razorpod protects your fingers and your blades at home and on the go! No cables or batteries required! Great for home, gym, school or travel, razorpod protects you from unwanted cuts and your razor from dirt and soap! buy one now!

I love these! I have always thought how gross it was to have your toothbrush in the bathroom. After hearing about all the particles in the air after flushing, yuck! Thank you Steripods! I am going to put them in everybody's stockings at Christmas!!!!!

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This is a great product, we now have 4 of them in the bathroom - It looks good, is simple and easy and beats the pants off yet another product that requires batteries or a wall socket - great idea!

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