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steripod is a clip-on toothbrush protector that fits any standard or electric toothbrush and protects against airborne odor-causing germs for up to 3 months! - No cables or batteries required!

Lab research shows your bathroom can be a hotbed for bacteria.

Great for home, gym, school or travel, steripod clips-on your brush and kills germs! - without the hassle of batteries or cables!

Simple and effective toothbrush protection never looked so good! Learn more about how steripod helps your brush hygiene >>


Clinical research shows your bathroom can be a hotbed for bacteria.


With the patented steripod toothbrush protector, you can help ensure your toothbrush remains hygienic at all times. Yet steripod is totally non-toxic. Unlike most toothbrush sterilizers, steripod needs no cables or batteries!

how it works

The steripod toothbrush protector constantly releases germ fighting vapors. Once opened, each steripod lasts up to 3 months. steripod has been tested and proven microbiologically.

what lurks on your toothbrush?

The typical toothbrush is reused for months, never cleaned thoroughly, and usually is stored under warm, moist conditions conducive for bacterial growth.

Steripod Is the Right Choice for Toothbrush Protection.

The steripod clip-on toothbrush protector is designed to help protect your toothbrush or electric toothbrush from harmful odor-causing germs. Purchase your steripod toothbrush holder and stop bacteria in its tracks. A toothbrush protector is one of the best ways to get a cleaner mouth and healthier smile. Unlike UV sanitizers, steripod is affordable and easy to use at home or on the go!

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